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Benefits of ONETOUCH® Zone


At ONETOUCH®, our vision is to create a world beyond limits for people with diabetes. One such step in this direction is our customer engagement and rewards program called ONETOUCH® Zone that helps people to manage their diabetes better.

Benefits of ONETOUCH® Zone

Educational Support

Regular updates and tips on diabetes provided to ONETOUCH® Zone members through e-mail newsletters and SMSes.
Educational Support

ONETOUCH® Zone Points

ONETOUCH® Zone members can collect points with every box of strips purchased and redeem points in the form of ONETOUCH® strips and lancets**
Educational Support

How to Enroll?

Buy ONETOUCH® (Ultra®2, Ultra®, Horizon®, SelectSimple®) blood glucose monitors, register and become a member of ONETOUCH® Zone today!

Call ONETOUCH® Customer Service centre at 1-800-22-5544 (Toll-Free) or 022-30845544 (call charges, as applicable). (From 8am to 8pm all days)

How to Collect Points?*

With every purchase of ONETOUCH Horizon®, ONETOUCH Ultra® or ONETOUCH Select® strips; you need to SMS the following details at 57333 <jnj lot no, unique no, meter Serial no> (For example: <jnj lot no-2837550, unique no-5000122, meter Serial no-TMQ0B44AZ>)


E-mail us the following details at (For e.g. - I would like to accumulate the following ONETOUCH® Zone points Lot No. - 2837550
Unique No (Scratch Sticker) - 5000122
Meter Serial No - TMQ0B44AZ).

How to collect points?

Register a vial of
Points you get
ONETOUCH Horizon® 10s 30
ONETOUCH Horizon® 25s 80
ONETOUCH Ultra® 10s 55
ONETOUCH Ultra® 25s 120
ONETOUCH Ultra® 50s 270
ONETOUCH Select® 10s 30
ONETOUCH Select® 25s 70
ONETOUCH Select® 50s 150

How to Redeem points?*

Call ONETOUCH® Customer Service center and ask for redemption of your points.
Customer Service center
You will receive your redeemed ONETOUCH Horizon®, ONETOUCH Ultra®, ONETOUCH Select® or ONETOUCH® UltraSoft® strips or lancets within a week's time.
Customer Service center2
You can redeem a pack of
Points you require
ONETOUCH Horizon® 10s 295
ONETOUCH Horizon® 25s 625
ONETOUCH Ultra® 10s 425
ONETOUCH Ultra® 25s 825
ONETOUCH Ultra® 50s 1600
ONETOUCH Select® 10s 295
ONETOUCH Select® 25s 550
ONETOUCH Select® 50s 900
ONETOUCH® Ultrasoft® Lancets 25s 145
OTDMS Diabetes Management Software 600

All points credited with respect to vials registered on or after Feb 08 2012 would be recalculated as per the revised Rewards points table and any difference in points would be credited to the respective members account by Aug 26 2012. Registration and redemption of points on or after Aug 26, 2012, will be as per the terms and conditions of the new One Touch Zone Offer.

*Terms and Conditions of the One Touch Zone Offer

  • The ONETOUCH® Zone points program is applicable only for ONETOUCH Ultra®, ONETOUCH Ultra®2, ONETOUCH Horizon® and ONETOUCH SelectSimple® blood glucose monitor users.
  • On purchase of a pack of ONETOUCH® strips, you would be entitled to accumulate and redeem ONETOUCH® Zone points (“Points”) upon following the process as specified in the points manual. Please refer to the latest points manual for details on accumulation and redemption of points.
  • Company may notify other offers from time to time under which the ONETOUCH® customers would be eligible to accumulate points under this program.
  • Points can be registered for a specific pack of strips only up to the date of expiry of the respective pack for which points are being accumulated or else the same will lapse.
  • Points registered under this program will be valid for a period of one year from the date of accumulation of the points by the ONETOUCH® customers. After the expiry of one year from the date of accumulation, these points will lapse and shall not be available for redemption
  • The company reserves the right to amend or withdraw the terms and conditions of ONETOUCH® Zone program at any time, without further notice. The Company’s decision regarding the ONETOUCH® Zone offer shall be final and binding.

"Winning over Diabetes" means managing your diabetes with the help of your doctor to improve quality of life


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