What is Diabetes? How is it related to blood glucose level ?

Diabetes is a chronic disease in which the body does not make, or does not properly use, insulin. Insulin is the hormone that helps your body use the energy from sugar, starches and other foods. The result is that your body doesn't get the energy it needs, and unmetabolized glucose (undigested sugar), builds up in your blood causing damage to the body and its systems.

There are different kinds of diabetes, each with slightly varying symptoms and treatments. The principal forms are Type 1 and Type 2. Related conditions considered to be "prediabetes" include impaired glucose tolerance and impaired fasting glucose. Pregnant women may develop gestational diabetes. Women who already have diabetes may also have certain condition-related concerns during pregnancy with diabetes.

What are the treatments available for Diabetes?

At present, no cure is available for diabetes. But with regular self-monitoring of blood glucose and a proper combination of diet, exercise and medication, people with diabetes can lead active and healthy lives.