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Diabetes Management Software
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Diabetes Management Software

OneTouch® Diabetes Management Software puts you in control of your diabetes in your hands.

OneTouch® Diabetes Management Software is an easy-to-use program that allows you to transfer your blood glucose readings directly from your meter to your computer. Then, using any of 11 pre-formatted charts and graphs, you can analyze your blood glucose data in detail. The information helps you and your health care team easily and quickly spot trends, evaluate your progress, and modify your treatment plan.

Can I use the OneTouch® Diabetes Management Software?
If you have a OneTouch® Meter with a data port (OneTouch® UltraEasy™, OneTouch® Ultra™, OneTouch® Ultra™ 2 and OneTouch® SureStep™), you can take advantage of the OneTouch® Diabetes Management Software.

How can OneTouch® Diabetes Management Software help me manage my insulin therapy?
With OneTouch® Diabetes Management Software, you can organise the results you get from your OneTouch® Meter into simple charts and graphs. Reports make it easy to see trends and patterns in your glucose levels, and meal-related changes in blood glucose. The reports can be printed, e-mailed, or faxed to your health care team with just a few mouse clicks.

You can review your blood glucose results in different forms:

•  Logbook Image showing the OneTouch diabetes Management Software logbook sample view
Review glucose results and the important factors that affect them, with out-of-range results highlighted. Shows averages by time slot.
•  14-day Summary
Shows at-a-glance views of three popular reports: Logbook, Pie Chart and Glucose Trend.
•  Glucose Trend Image showing the OneTouch Diabetes Management Software glucose trend sample view

Identifies blood glucose highs and lows.
•  Pie Chart Image showing the OneTouch Diabetes Management Software pie chart sample view
Reviews pre-meal and post-meal readings that fall in and out of range.
•  Average Reading
Quick view of trends by meal and day of the week.
•  Standard Day
Spots patterns in blood glucose results by time of day.
•  Data List
Provides a complete day-by-day record of blood glucose results in chronological order.
•  Histogram
Helps you quickly and accurately identify the frequency that readings fall within a certain range.
•  Insulin
Shows the impact of insulin and carbohydrate intake on glucose levels.
•  Health Checks
View important health-related factors sch as blood pressure, weight, doctor's visits, and A1c.

So start using the OneTouch® Diabetes Management Software today! Contact us in your local market for purchasing information.


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